12 April

Vent that Writing Problem...

Find yourself in a writing trap. Have you got vent?

Although writing is a solo endeavor, for the overall quality of the work, it shouldn't always be. A writer needs the world outside in so many ways. 
If you find yourself up against it — plot cornered, character motivation, wordiness gone feral — grab a friend, and start talking about it. That friend doesn't need to know the ins and outs of your work. They are just a trusted sounding board who will listen objectively, often seeing the trees in the forest of panic and confusion that has the writer incapacitated. 
75% of the time, before the writer has even fully explained their problem, as they talk, a lightbulb will flick on, and in mid-sentence they will discover the solution all by themselves, often hugging their friend, and zooming off to write in a joyous frenzy. Did I mention we writers are narcissistic wingnuts?
Next time you're trapped in your words, give this tactic a try. If you jump for joy and leave me all alone at the restaurant table, I'll understand.

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