09 April

Sweat Out Writing Stress...


Sweat out the stress...
Stress is basically a whisper from your body that you need to move. Your mind is overloaded, and your limbs are saying, "That's enough, brain. Let me take over from here."
Many people ignore that cue, and you shouldn't. Oftentimes, what feels like issues that have no resolution will find answers once you physically tire yourself out.
I don't mean to say that the only way to work out is hitting some sort of sterile gym. Before such places ever existed, people did housework, worked in their yards, and played with their pets or family members, vacuuming, raking, running and playing, to achieve a calmer, more centered state of mind, and a better organized world to boot. Bonus!
This Friday, as the week's stressors have accumulated, I remind you all of this crucial aspect of writing that is so often ignored. If you're feeling overwhelmed today, X out that browser, put your computer to sleep, get up and get active. Your mind will work on its problems in the subconscious state as you consciously move those muscles, mopping a floor, raking a garden, or throwing a ball and having a laugh. 
Never see physical activity as a deterrent to writing. It's your partner in a successful career. 
Remember: You can't write on life if you don't live one, in a symbiotic way with the world around you, and in moderation, in all things. Without the physical along with the mental, your being and your writing will not thrive.
Now, get up, go out, and let's doo eet!

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