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Meh...close enough likeness to me. I prefer me in cartoon form anyways... ;-)

I created the writer coaching book, STOP Not Writing, after my 10+ years directing a writer process group, and seeing the difficulties 95% of the members were having in a) writing regularly to up their skill and be comfortable in the process, and, b) finishing works, and quickly discovered the difficulties a new writer wrestles with lay in the psychological more than the academic — mind games we play with ourselves which hinder our own literary success.

And through trial and error, success and failure, I zeroed in on the main issues preventing new writers from becoming competent and prolific, taking their started works and getting them to the product finish line. The culmination of my experience ended up in the coaching book of the same name, available on Amazon Books.

The processes in STOP Now Writing helped my writer group members. They can help you, too. Click links below for the book version you prefer:



My academic background: 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Language Arts
  • Associate Degree in Business

My career Background:

  • Former Public Relations liaison in broadcasting.
  • Currently, a full-time literary novelist, short story/article writer, burgeoning poet and writer conference panelist.

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I hope you enjoy your time on the STOP Not Writing... Now coaching blog, and undertake some of my suggestions to get you from an erratic, so-so writer to prolific book author!

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