16 April

FOTS - Fear of Time and Space - the Writer Version


FOTS - Fear of Time and Space - the Writer Version...
I just invented this acronym. If you find it on Google, I'll be amazed.
I invented it to ask you a question:
Do you think that when you sit down to write, the world is moving on without you? That everyone on this Blue Marble is hustling, bustling, laughing, gathering gobs of fun and cool experiences while you grow moss under your butt?
Yes, FOTS is Literary FOMO squared, but have you considered switching your viewpoint of the known fabric of Time and Space?
Could it be YOU who is moving faster through the universe than everyone else? Experiencing more, feeling more, living so much more that the fabric has severed you from the rest of the world?
Maybe in such warped speed you feel like it's you who have come to a crawling stop when it could be everyone else not able to catch up.
I think that with every book written, we writers are piloting a jet-fuelled craft achieving warp speed. Maybe that's why when we focus and choose words and craft sentences we are so exhausted after the feat.
The next time you sit down, and you think you'll be left far behind in the human experience, think again. You and your work maybe spearheading through the never-before-seen fabric of life.

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