13 April

What If - The Under Bed Saga...


You're about to write.
Oh, geez... you feel AWFUL!
What if the words...
What if the readers...
What if the agents...!
Rrrright.... that does sound horrifying.
No way should you write with those What If's!
Yeah, right there, under your bed!
Ignore the dust bunnies. Use them as writer What If camouflage!
Stay there, hiding forever! Seriously!
If I were you I'd stay there. 
Only place you're safe from THOSE terrifying What If's. 
Crikey, I'm shocked you're still breathing having those What If's near you!
And once it's dawn ('cause EVERYBODY knows What If's can't get you once the sun comes up), donate your writing pen, burn your writing paper, put your laptop on eBay, and thank your lucky stars you managed to not write in the knick of time. Cripes, that was close!
Man... bloody good thinking on your part, to not write. Now that you're safe, you have wayyyyyy more time to read other writers' writing, and be dead jealous of their successful careers until you die. 
Yay, team!
I'll check in on you tomorrow, to see how your not writing is going. 
I'll know to look for you under your bed, no worries.

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