27 April

Social Media Writing...


Social Media Posting/Commenting...
Everyone does it.
People wanting to be writers should do it well. Do you?
~ Do you adhere to proper sentence structure, including punctuation?
~ Do you complete a thought, separate ideas into their own paragraphs?
~ Do you, even in flash snippets, create a Start, Middle and End to your post?
~ Do you endeavor to take your readers into a story bubble virtually every single time?
I'm going out on a limb here and say, nope, you don't.
To be a writer, you have to BE a writer.
It's not enough to start writing on your Great American Novel when the muse hits you but every other day, write like you're in 4th grade.
You ARE your words, if you truly want to become a wordsmith.
You ARE ON, LIVE, 24/7, as a writer, every time you post anything, anywhere, and for the rest of your life.
This effort is not solely for your readers, but for you, for if you do NOT practice crafting good works EVERY DAY - however micro-small or tome big, online or off - you will simply not improve enough to competently finish any work, Great American Novel or not. That is a fact.
Ask any aspiring pianist how much they practice the scales before they even attempt playing a piece.
At some point, you have to look yourself in the mirror and decide if you're in this endeavor for life or merely in love with the romantic notion of becoming a writer. Those choices are worlds apart.
HOMEWORK: Consider how you have posted online in the past and decide, TODAY, to up your literary game, that with every word you publish...
~ It will be your best word - mechanically, stylistically, intellectually.
~ It will strengthen your branding Image.
~ And it will be authentically you, the very best of you.
*Remember: A master in any métier never achieved said standing by engaging part-time.*
Decide to be a full-time apprentice. 
Engage your brain with every thought, every word choice, every response, so the practice you need, you will receive, and the reader will benefit from your every attempt, always.

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