26 April

Can't Write? Go Outside...


Can't write?
Close your laptop and get outside.
Do something physical.
Your blank mind is telling you that your imagination well is dry... from a lack of body movement, a lack of oxygen, and a lack of living life.
Today, hit the backyard and pull some weeds or wash your car or go for a walk. 
Whatever you do, wholly ingest the world around you — all your senses, take it in. You simply cannot write on life if you're not living it, and yes, even during a pandemic there are safe ways to be outside and commune with the world around you.
I assure you that after you start living, so will your writing breathe.
Remember: a grand and vivid tale can birth from the smallest, simplest of things - a spider's web, a lady bug, a leaf, the rustling in the trees. Never underestimate Mother Nature's ability to teach you a thing or two, even if you think you know a thing or two. ;-)
Those of you who try this today, comment below about your experience.

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