20 April

Got Imagination?


You're lying in bed.
Dried milk mustache adorns your upper lip.
A crusty bowl of leftover cereal sits silently on your bedside table, mocking you.
You know you need to write. Even the cereal bowl knows that.
But you don't have a clue about what to write.
You promised a story to someone, somewhere, due super soon. You're sure of it. You nibble at your nails for nourishment. The cereal didn't cut it.
You look up.
Your ceiling is giving you no inspiration... although you do see a teeny tiny spider making web hay in the corner, near where your fern plant hangs that you never seem to water until Firemen burst through your door with a hose, as a clue.
You sigh... *big sigh*
You winch yourself up, look over your mattress, and see "things," fuzzy furry things peeking out from under your bed.
You realize they are dust bunnies.
With a look of disdain and disgust, you flop back down, despondent.
Then it hits you!
Samuel Spider, the warlord of Fernland, and Dirk and Dan Dust Bunnies are joining forces in a quest to find the treasure - the lost bowl of King Tut's Fruit Loops!
You leap out of bed, grab a leftover napkin you obviously didn't use in that cereal foray, and you madly jot down the first sentences to a trilogy that goes so viral even J. K. Rowling calls you up to meet for brunch.
Hey, stuff like this happens all the time!
Go ahead, lie there, look around you, use your imaginative brain. 
Lying in your bed, you can only go up from here!

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