21 April

Cutting Corners on Fact-Checking...


Cutting Corners on Fact-Checking...
I don't know if it's just this fast-paced era in which we live, but these days, quantity often reigns over quality, that to push out content, however flimsy or incomplete, is better than not in a Google algorithm-based world.
This is seriously disturbing... whether it's an article, a short story or a fiction or non-fiction book. Even fiction holds facts that need to be correct. And when no fact-checking is done, why does anyone wonder why misinformation leads the day, and extremist groups are formed from that misinformation? It's hardly a mystery, is it?
I realize individual writers don't always have the resources of big information outlets, but it's well worth your time, and reputation to,
Slow Down.
Do Your Research.
Check Facts, and recheck facts.
Before hitting Publish.
I know being picky, listening to your spidey sense when it screams this info may not be correct or complete, drives a writer nuts. There are deadlines. Time is of the essence. There is a bar to be balanced on output vs. accuracy.
I myself just spent 2 weeks ingesting and synthesizing huge swaths of information on an historical event before I could write a 7 grand word piece, and confidently hit Publish. It was frustrating to say the least, as I had so many other deadlines on the go. 
But time spent in advance WILL eliminate the time wasted afterwards responding to commenters who have pointed out your many errors, and who have possibly told others your word cannot be trusted.
Take the time.
Adjust your deadline schedule, if need be.
When your spidey sense goes off, saying you need to recheck. Recheck.
The Internet is forever.
Make sure your good name remains forever, too.

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