06 April

A Pre-Writing Ritual...


Your pre-writing ritual...
Do you have one?
One that gets your mind focused on the scene at hand, and simultaneously calms your nerves?
It's essential to get your mind's eye entering that scene before you pound the keys or slap down ink, for if you first "live there," your mind will not fear the Unknown, and will better conjure up the right words.
Some writers use music that fits their tale.
Others watch some like-minded short video.
I drink coffee, munch on an energy bar, rock in a rocking chair, gaze unfocused out my backyard window, and let my imagination wander back into the unfolding story it knows so well by now. 
For me, that may take 20-45 minutes to get into the zone.
Oftentimes, it's my energy level that dictates the length of time. Don't fret about how long your brain takes to get into gear. Let the grey cells do what they must.
If you're having difficulty sitting down to write, create a pre-writing ritual, AND stick to it every time. It'll help you form a calming, positive experience, and that experience will better solidify a successful completion of your weekly writing schedule.

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