15 July

Writer Fear, Writer Doubt - Psychological Catatonia


How many of you here have still not opened your notebook or laptop to start writing again on your WIP?

If you're still stuck, go back to my 5-Minute Game article posted earlier on this site, and reboot your mind. (Click on the Sitemap to locate.)

The fact you are still mired denotes a psychological catatonia — fear and doubt, the two evil forces, have taken your brain hostage. You need to acknowledge their presence, and write on despite their weight upon you. The only way to win against those forces is through ACCEPTANCE of their existence, that they will be there as you perform for the rest of your life, as an actor faces stage fright every time the klieg lights turn to face them.
No artist is immune. No producer of any kind is immune. Acceptance and practice to open that notebook or laptop and write/edit through that emotional pain is the ONLY way.

Comment below what progress, if any, you're reached in your book writing journey since you've signed on with me here. Let's uncover the obstacles to find ways around them. Every problem has a solution if you're willing to look, and do the emotional work.

No obstacle is silly, and this is a safe place to talk.
NO judgement.
ALL help.

Let's get those words flowing...

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