01 July

Necessity, the Mother of Get Off Your Butt and Do the Work!


Yes. We all know that's not the correct adage... but it should be.

When push comes to shove, when something occurs outside your control that affects your security, that's usually when humans sit up, take notice, stop naval-gazing, and get to work to better their status.

No one alive has not been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many have been laid off from their jobs, or their jobs ceased to exist, and yes, this is a seriously grave outcome. 

But that negative can give birth to a positive. 

With extra time at home to think, such circumstances can force a person to re-evaluate their worth, their prospects, and what productive work they've been putting off to better their quality of life.

And one of those delayed To-Dos may have been finishing a book to offer the world as an evergreen, salable product.

It's in this very moment in time when you can find yourself at a crossroads...

  • Do I remain a passive income earner? i.e. go on Employment Insurance and wait to be hired by another company, doing work I can barely tolerate, and count the days until I'm laid off again.
  • Do I take charge of my life and work to gain an active income source I control? i.e. start my own business, offering my own products and services.

As there has been a Renaissance Movement and an Industrial Revolution, and then the Technological Age, maybe now humanity has entered the Gig Economy, where workers, for the first time, can take control of their economic futures. The pandemic has forced us all to take account of our own security and get the work done to bolster that security.

This post could be about any product or service, but it's especially critical when considering starting and finishing that book you've had in the back of your mind for years, if not decades, that if you only put in the work, you could become an income earner for the rest of your life.

  • Have you something better to do today than work on that book you stared and abandoned? 
  • Can you take time out of your pandemic days to finally formulate an evergreen product that offers infinite income? 
  1. Oh, right. There's those video game playing hours and social media scrolling chores.
  2. And you're down a quart on your meme postings. 
  3. And then there's cleaning your house for company that cannot yet be invited over because of the pandemic.

Whatever you think you need to do today, can wait, or better yet, eliminated from your life altogether, so you can start to invest in your own future.

HOMEWORK: take one lousy hour, any time in the next 24, and for however many days are needed, and CHOOSE to devote it to your future, and finish that book. One lousy hour a day, to work for yourself, for your own security, not for the security of CEOs of companies you couldn't care less about nor will support you when the going gets rough.

You have life skills and knowledge others need. Like right now. Today. 

You haven't got where you are without gathering a basket full of good offerings. 

Step away from your cell phone and spend one hour per day writing on that book. No. More. Excuses. The world may never give you a better opportunity.

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