02 June

Narrowing Characters, Narrows Plot...


Narrowing Down Your Characters = Narrowing Down Your Plot Possibilities...
If you're wondering where your story is taking you — and this is why your fingers won't move on the keys — consider this exercise:
Take each main character and make a list of what they will DO and NOT DO, according to their personality and motivation.
That will highlight the finite possible plot points to your tale.
Again, this is yet another reason WHY I do NOT espouse being a panster. 
You NEED TO KNOW before your fingers go!
Knowing what can't work is as important as what can in a book. That will keep your story on a reasonable trajectory, and often limit or remove those plot corners you could have painted yourself into had you not known, and plunked fingers on keys, regardless.
And again, this is another reason why it's SO important to take months, at least, getting to know your characters. Could you meet someone at a cocktail party, grab their hand, and know what they would do after you left the room? Hardly. Don't think it's any different for characters.
Whittle down your characters' options - likes, dislikes, needs, wants.
See who aligns with whom.
See who repels who.
You might color in your story's plot black holes just by this simple act.

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