27 May

Take a Writer Learning Day...


Every once in a while, a writer needs a learning day, whereby they shed their writing/editing To-Do list and spend that session learning new things. Those things could be industry-driven or further research for their WIP.
The Key: Is letting your subconscious work behind the scenes on that WIP while you up your knowledge in some literary area.
When: Do NOT schedule these days. Let them spring themselves on you. Maybe you received an industry newsletter which had a plethora of linked articles you should devour, or an aspect of your WIP demands in-depth analysis of some kind.
Hint: Allow your writer's instinct to twig to this moment. Maybe it's when your industry reading pile overflows or when your plot/character(s) can't move forward without more research-driven acquired knowledge.
And above all, do NOT feel guilty of these days. If they only happen once in a while, that's not time stolen from your book. It is crucial information gleaned, which will propel your overall knowledge and make everything therein produced that much richer, and doing so may lessen your writer's block, as now your brain has what it needs to create. 
Our brains tell us stuff if we're open to listening, you know.
Are there articles out there you've been ignoring?
White papers?
Reference books?
Maybe today is your Learning Day.
Mine was yesterday.
Have at'er and get'er done!

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